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felony and two merchandise against 52-year-old joy coffman of arend, a. he's accused of molesting one boy and filming another in a bathroom. investigators say he drugged one of his victims. he has run programs for various cities in the bay area, palo alto and san jose and owns a popular batting cage facility in san leandro. so far there's no sign of him and his home has been empty. friends, family, loved ones gathered last night to remember a 16-year-old musician who died while walking home near the train tracks tuesday. hundreds played tribute at a candlelight vigil in san jose. he died tuesday afternoon when a passenger train clipped him on the train track near virginia avenue. the family says he was on his way home wearing headphones and listening to music and did not hear the train. >> the conductor, please, please, whoever was driving that train, i want you to know, i do
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not blame you and i'm so sorry you have to live with the sight of hitting my son. i know it was not your fault. >> he was a junior at lincoln high school. he taught himself how to play the guitar in the 7th grade and recently performed at open mike nights around san jose. south bay residents have another chance to turn in guns for cash. santa clara hosting the second gun buyback in east san jose. the first one was held earlier this month and paid out $114,000 to residents bringing in handguns, rifles, and assault weapons. tomorrow's event will run from 8:00 a.m. to noon at reid-hillview airport in san jose. authorities say guns should be broad unloaded in the trunk of a car or bed of a truck. san jose city leaders hope a new program will bring more businesses to downtown. start up san jose is a proposal by three city councilmembers aimed at filling vacant store front in the downtown area.
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under this plan the city would waive permitting fees for small businesses if landlords agreed to lease the space at a discounted rates. the a launch held where residents can preview vendors. additional vendors will set up shop at the legacy tower from 5:00 to 8:00. bay area police will a take to the twittersphere. official police twitter pages will post updates on service calls throughout the day followed by the #poltwt. in the bay area participants include san mateo, p.a. palo alto, east palo alto, mountain view, sunnyvale, los gatos. much needed help, the
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department is graduating dozens of much needed officers from the police academy and more on the way. kristi smith joins us with more. the new officers ready to go? >> absolutely. good morning to you. this was a long time coming. the last time the oakland police department actually had a class of new officers go through the academy, graduate, get their badge and hit the streets, that was in 2008, while oakland's crime problem keeps going up. today 38 new police officers got their badges here in oakland pinned for the first time by chief howard jordan. the numbers are sobering. right now oakland has 611 officers on the street. so this brings that number to 649. police chief howard jordan has said he'd like to have 1,000 officers helping to bring crime down. these new officers have been in the academy for about six months and will eventually be part of a new crime fighting strategy. chief jordan announced, of neighborhood policing. one of the biggest complaints is calling in a crime and not
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getting the reaction they hoped for. he said the new officers will help that and boost moral. >> we're not out there alone and city made a long-term commitment to staffing the department. it will help the citizens of oakland, one of the complaints we generally get is the response time, how long it takes for an officer to respond. this will go a long way to reduce the time. there will be sufficient officers on the street eventually. >> keep in mind they lose 48 officers a year because of retirement or leave, so this an ongoing process. oakland will have 649 police officers, hundreds less, though, than were here just a few years ago. jordan says this is a start. the next police academy starts on monday and there will be another one to follow in about six months. reporting live in oakland, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> those officers definitely much needed. thanks so much. in oakland, findings against two oakland councilmembers could
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result in a misdemeanor and ultimately cost them their seat. the report claims councilman reed and brooks interfered with a $2 million construction project. she said her document proved they pro the law hen they directed staff to push a $2 million demolition contract at the oakland army base toward turner construction. the department claims they violated, reid and his staff members. >> this is clearly comersing and influencing the contracting process. >> i should have just voted on it and didn't open my mouth and speak out because now i'm bearing the brunt of the city auditor's report. >> the city attorney forwarded the audit to the alameda county district attorney's office. so far no charges have been filed. a woman searching for her service dog after someone stole it on b.a.r.t.
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she and her dog archie riding home after an spca event. the pomeranian in a carrier next to her. somewhere between san francisco and san bruno she dozed off. when she woke up, archie and her carrier were gone. archie is trained to help people cope with anxiety. she's asking anyone who knows where he might be to please contact her. a peninsula man facing dui charges after officers say he drove the wrong way on interstate 280 for about 14 miles at a speed of 70 miles an hour. the chp spotted the car early yesterday morning near trousdale. chp caught up to the car in woodside. a patrol car blocked the man from driving any further. the chp says the driver is 60-year-old man from san bruno. officers say this is his second dui arrest just this month. still ahead on nbc bay area news, the big upset win that's giving cal the chance to gear up
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for the second round in the ncaa tournament. plus -- >> on bob redell just powering through friday morning to get to the weekend for this wonderful weather and the show here at alameda county fairgrounds. hold onto your seats. live reporting coming up. >> hold onto your steering wheel. winds whipped through the bay area today only to be followed by a beautiful beach week. we'll have the latest on your ski totals and what you can expect right here in the bay area when we come right back.
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it's friday. for some of us that means it's time to get out of town. our own bob redell is doing it in style. he joins us from good guys riyadh and custom show at the fairgrounds. tell us about the rod you were just riding in. >> yeah, good morning, jannelle. good to see you. i've got to tell you, one thing i like about this car, doesn't have the new car smell.
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that's kind of the whole idea when you're at the rod and custom show because you've got a true classic muscle car. you're looking at a 1969 chevy camaro, 700 horsepower on the hood, full race car suspension and it's my second favorite color, blue. so the one thing i think you're going to like about this is that they are not letting me drive. that's a good thing. got ed behind the wheel, professional race car driver. i'm going to hand you this. how long have you been racing cars? >> most of my life, circle track, drag racing and now the auto cross here with good guys. >> people come out here with their muscle cars and kind of do what they are doing. we'll go over that in a minute. first we need on your mark, get set, go. >> all right, ready, set, here we go. we've got the all clear. whoa! >> i don't think i've ever gone this fast before. did we just hit 40.
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>> 35 is the most we go around these tracks. >> i get the sense you feel limited out here with a car like this. is that -- >> definitely, this car is capable of over 160 miles an hour. we've got to keep it down into second gear and just run it around the track. >> does that get frustrating? you just want to gun it? >> all the time. >> the idea is people come out here saturday and sunday. if they want to register, they have to have what kind of car? >> any american made american powered car that will run through the auto cross and to come to the event of that's any year. you can have a brand-new camaro or corvette or whatever you want or old 69 camaro like this one. >> is the idea to see who will get the best time or who has the best driving skills? >> it's more about best time. you're racing against people in different classes. that's the fun part of it. there will be the different classes, like a truck class, street rod class, street machine class and all those guys are
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competing against each other during the event. >> so my 2005 toyota rav 4. >> not american made. >> not american made and not exactly quote, unquote, classic. that's another show. okay. there's going to be 3500 cars out here in all. that's what they are estimating, jannelle, so the idea is basically come here, bring your muscle car, your truck, whatever it is, as long as it fits the qualifications ed was making and basically come here and show it off. the good guys rod and custom show. let's hit 41. saturday and sunday at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton, jannelle. >> bob, i'm going to give him a perfect score. he didn't knock down one single orange cone. perfect driver. so much fun. that's in alameda county at the fair ground. >> he's good. >> he's very good. thanks, bob. cal fans basking in blue and gold glory, men's basketball team gearing up for the ncaa tournament after pulling up a big upset win.
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cal bears put on a show in front of the home crowd at hp pavilion. holding a last-minute rally for unlv. cal will play number four ranked syracuse at 6:40 tomorrow at hp pavilion. the winner makes it to the sweet 16. needless to say fans are on cloud nine. >> so happy that we were able to win a tournament game and be in the tournament. the last two minutes were two of the most excruciating minutes ever. >> top 32 though. >> meantime st. mary's is now heading home. the gaels knocked out yesterday. the team fought hard against memphis but couldn't get that last-minute bucket shot to win the game. it was so close. st. mary's loses to memphis 54-52. harvard is proving to be a real bracket buster in this tournament. harvard beat number three seed new mexico to clench it's first ever tournament win. final score 68-62.
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harvard has only and in the tournament three times in its entire history. and no one is happier about harvard's win than bay area native and harvard alum jeremy lin. the houston rockets star posted on twitter after the game. he's wearing a harvard t-shirt. the hashtag on the photo, three-pont goggles. a lot of people will be inside watching basketball but they should get outside. >> especially since it's not on this channel. >> that's true. >> a great weekend to get outside. one of those weekends if you don't get outside, you might just be kicking yourself come next week when we've got rain chances. tuesday night all the way through friday. so things are going to change dramatically. enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. get an early taste, take off the boots, put on the sandals. not a great day for flowing skirt. you might find yourself in a marilyn moment with winds getting stronger and picking up.
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directional winds, straight out of the north, due north, that's a really dry wind. humidity levels are dropping off substantially and fire safety will be a concern for today. let's talk about what water expecting, the clock on the future cast, see the colors start to pop. notice on the key, oranges and pinks, stronger wind gusts. expecting those. head to 4:00 p.m., winds strongest especially at the immediate coast and higher elevations where we don't have that friction. overall, though, temperatures just fantastic for today. great way to finish out the week. 73 in gilroy, 72, santa teresa. meanwhile 60s on the way for san francisco and oakland and lower 70s in the north bay. looking good as we head to the next couple of days. you can hit the beach comfortable, the slopes. we'll tell you the forecast for both. 4:00 p.m., santa cruz, looking good there. tahoe, squaw valley, choice conditions there. as we head through the next couple of days, you'll need your sunscreen because it is rather bright. lots of sunshine out there.
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squaw 45 degrees today. by saturday 48 degrees. beautiful conditions and a lot of snow. 100 inches at the base. you're talking beautiful conditions up there and choice skiing. we'll add more to that base as we head throughout next week with more rain on the way to the bay area. that translates to snow up in tahoe. 72 monday. the only dry day. late tuesday those showers start up, talking rain wednesday into thursday, even friday, jannelle. yeah, enjoy the spring-like weekend before winter returns next week. back over to you. >> okay, christina, thanks so much. it looks beautiful. this morning we're learning more about pope francis's life before the priesthood. the pontiff apparently had moments of doubts and temptation. here is nbc's jim maceda. >> reporter: as pope francis story emerges we're learning the bishop from buenos aires can be frank about subjects, celibacy
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and sex. the former bergoglio admitted to be taken by a stunning girl. i could not pray for a week because the girl was in my head. eventually he p joined the priesthood and swore to secrecy. this woman, his neighbor and childhood crush. >>. >> translator: he said to me, if i don't marry you, i'll become a priest. >> reporter: some may bless the idea about married priests. it is a matter of discipline, not faith. it can change. >> it means basically that pope francis, or jorge bergoglio was a man before he became a priest. >> he's even weighed in on sexual matters. what if a priest gets a woman pregnant? he has to leave the ministry and
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take care of that child, even if he chooses not to marry that woman. for days francis already setting the tonight for a new open papacy. and in another sign of just how open pope francis is, he's reaching out to atheists calling them, quote, our precious allies in the search for human dignity and peace. that's something the critics say his predecessor benedict would never do. i'm jim maceda, nbc news, reporting from london. now, back to you. >> thanks so much, jim. still ahead on nbc bay area news, details on an overnight shooting at the marine base in quantico, virginia. investigators are saying they know why the gunman opened fire. dramatic video out of australia. how a bystander jumped in to save the life of a toddler.
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three active duty marines
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are dead calling what investigators call a murder suicide at the marine base in quantico video video. police say the overnight shooting stems from a love triangle and is not a random act of violence. they say the gunman was a man and the two victims, another man and a woman. all three worked at the officer's candidate school. the base is about 30 miles south of washington and is home to the fbi's training academy. new at 11:00, a man in australia is being called a hero this morning for saving the life of a toddler. we want to warn you, this video is difficult to watch. this dramatic surveillance video appears to show a 2-year-old girl stop breathing. her mother and father thought she was choking but couldn't revive her. so another customer in the store stepped in and started mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. can you see the girl's father frantically in the back pacing back and forth. a short time later the girl
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opened her eyes. the man who saved her says he is just relieved the girl is okay. what a hero. we will be right back with a look at a new place for kids to play in the east bay.
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new at 11:00, children in hayward will soon have a new place to play. dozens of volunteers came together to start building a brand-new play structure at the ymca. both organizers and sponsors say with enough help the playground will be built in about six hours. >> they picked us because this community is ready to grow. so the y has been kind of the best kept secret in this area for a while and we are ready to infuse a lot of life and energy into this ymca and partnering with shutterfly and ka-boom to build a playground. >> a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for later this afternoon. this morning the san francisco zoo says a five and a half week tiger cub born at the zoo is a girl. here is a picture with her mom
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leean. she was born february 10th. sumatran tigers are critical endangered species. we'll announce soon when the public can get a new look in person. from tigers to sea otters, could be hiding one the best. a test showed he had some arthritis in his limb and exercise could help. he shoes basketball. he loves the fishy treats he gets after a slam-dunk. man, the ncaa can learn something from him. >> nothing but net. >> nothing but net. that's exactly it. thanks so much for joining us. we hope to see you at 5:00 and 6:00. have a great day, folks, and a great weekend.
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